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   Celebrating 125 years, the Polish Singers Alliance of America, the oldest Polish-American cultural organization, invites you to learn of our history through the purchase of: The Polish Singers Alliance of America 1888-1998: Choral Patriotism by Dr. Stanislaus A. Blejwas. Author and historian, Dr. Blejwas, masterfully crafts a thorough history of the Polish Singers Alliance and its efforts to encourage a Polish consciousness among the immigrant population in America through music, amidst the ever-changing political landscape of the Polish Fatherland and the varied demographics of Polonia.     
Cost is $25 incl. shipping and handling.  Send check to PSAA c/o Fran Cirbus, 4741 Brentwood Drive, Williamsville, NY  14221.

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Polish Singers Alliance of America Central Administration Officers
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‘Twas like old times ….  

Over one hundred singers gathered together on Saturday, May 19th, 2018, at the Red Lion Hotel in Cromwell, CT for their 66th District 7 Convention graciously hosted by the Polonia Paderewski Choruses #287 and  311 of New Britain, CT under the  chairmanship of Bozena Madej, co-president of District Seven and member of Polonia Paderewski choruses. While Delegates attended Business Sessions, singers of seven participating choruses arrived, registered and prepared themselves for the exciting Choral Competitions - a major highlight of the convention.  

Officers of the Convention were:

 Chairperson:  Bogdan Modzrzynski

 Ist  Vice-chairperson: Doubrava Krautschneider

 2nd Vice-chairperson:  David Anderson

 Secretary:  Anna Madou

 Assistant Secretary: Dobrava Krautschneider

 Sergeant-at-Arms: Zbigniew Niejadlik


Important matters were discussed for the good of the organization.

The Nominating Committee  reported the slate of Officers of District 7 for the next year:

 President:  Brent Iskra of Chopin #182

 1st Vice-President: Bozena Madej, Polonia Paderewski  #287

 2nd Vice-President: Adolf Burghardt, Chopin #182

 Treasurer: Jeff Pogorzelski, Hejnal #323

 Librarian: Mariusz Bryszkiewicz, Hejnal #323; Oginski #283

 Secretary: Anna Madou, Jutrzenka #226

 Publicity (English) : Barbara R. Blyskal,  Jutrzenka #226

 Publicity (Polish):  Doubrava Krautschneider, Jutrzenka #226

 District Choral Director:  Izabella Kobus-Salkin, Jutrzenka #226

 Assistant District Choral Director: Anthony Tabish, Chopin #182

 Sergeant-at-Arms: Michal Kurdyla, Aria #303

 Flag Beareres:  Mirek Kostro,  Andrzej Kolczynski, Hejnal #323.

Next year’s 67th District 7 Convention will be hosted by Chopin Singing Society #182 of Passaic, NJ, on May 25, 2019.

The competition winners were:

Female:  Jutrzenka Singing Society #226

               Marcella Kochanska Sembrich Female Chorus #321

               Polonia-Paderewski Choir #311

Mixed:    Aria Chorus #303

              Hejnal Chorus #323

              Polonia-Paderewski Chorus #287

Male:     Chopin Singing Society #182

 After the competitions were over, choruses gathered for a general rehearsal of songs they prepared for the next day’s Mass and Concert.

The evening’s event, the Convention Banquet, took place at the Polish Falcon’s Nest # 88 located at 201 Washington Street in New Britain CT.

  This being the 100th Anniversary Year if Poland’s Independence, Frances X. Gates expressed uniquely her message in the Souvenir Journal:

 “. all of us in the POLISH SINGERS ALLIANCE OF AMERICA should be proud of the role our organization played since 1889 to keep Polish culture and music alive until the day Poland was again free and independent.

It was a musician, IGNACY JAN PADEREWSKI, who was instrumental in attaining Poland’s rebirth as a nation and U.S.A.’s President Woodrow Wilson who made it happen. We are grateful to them and to all who prayed and fought for that day in 1918 when Poland was recognized as a nation and again graced the map of Europe.

Although that independence was curtailed from 1938 by the German Nazis and Russian Communists for fifty years, Poland and all Polonia, including the PSAA and our District Seven choruses, never lost faith and Poland is again a vibrant, independent European nation.

Please continue to promote Polish song.

 Keep in mind the words of Adam Mickiewicz:

“Flame may devour painted history;

Robbers plunder treasures by the sword;

The song will survive intact”

 I miss you all, thank you for your prayers and I wish I could be with you.”

 The singers were delighted to have as guest at the Banquet, Mary Lou Wyrobek, President of the Central Administration of the PSAA who presented Dr. M.B.Biskupski, Ph.D. Honorary Membership in the PSAA for assisting to finalize the completion of “POLISH SINGERS ALLIANCE OF AMERICA Choral Patriotism” history compiled by the late Dr. Stanislaus A. Blejwas, who died prior to the completion of the PSAA’s 100 year history.

 Ms. Wyrobek likewise presented trophies to the choruses who participated in competition. Scores of all were read. Scoring highest of all choruses was ARIA mixed chorus  #303 of Wallington, NJ; next highest  was CHOPIN male chorus  #182 of Passaic, NJ; and highest in the female division was JUTRZENKA #226 of South Brooklyn, NY.  All  choruses received respective trophies for their  participation in the competition.

 Sunday, May 20th, all members of the choruses leisurely ate breakfast at the hotel, and proceeded to Holy Cross Church in New Britain, for Mass, followed by their Gala  Concert.  A warm Reception was held in the church hall beneath the church before departing at 4:00 pm.

 District Seven is thankful and most grateful for the devotion and dedication the singers of New Britain’s Polonia Paderewski Choruses have upholding Polish culture and traditions especially in this day and age. Bóg zapła

 for a job well done!

Thanks for pleasant memories to be added to all those of the past.

Congratulations to our Lottery winners!

Susan Peters #723  Chopin #219

Kalina Singing Society #891

Stanislaw Dudek #662 New Britain CT

Ray Jakubowski #411  Dearborn, MI

Ann T. Mikoll #117 Depew, NY

Patricia A. Gazzo #679 Tonawanda, NY

Krzysztof Gozesiak #498 Macons, MI

Maria Silka #349 New Britain, CT

Emily Czajkowski #978  Buffalo, NY

Polish and Slavic Center, Inc. #321  Brooklyn, NY

Danuta Szumczakowski #243 Warren, MI

Theresa Krawczyk #032  West Seneca, NY

St. Michael Church in downtown Buffalo was filled with “joyful noise” March 14 as it was the site for Make a Joyful Noise, a concert hosted by the Permanent Chair of Polish Culture at Canisius College. The concert featured talented young artists in a varied program of choral, instrumental and solo vocal pieces.

Cantate Omnes, a choir and music ensemble recently formed under the direction of Maria Chomicka and sponsored by St. Benedict Parish, began the evening’s festivities with Ojcze z Niebios by Stanislaw Moniuszko in this UNESCO sponsored Year of Moniuszko, as the world celebrates the bicentennial of his birth.

Following was the 5th movement of Henryk Gorecki’s Szeroka Woda (Wide Waters). Religious music concluding with Mark Miller’s lovely I Believe rounded out the performance. The ensemble’s excellent blend and beautiful phrasing enchanted the audience. The talented organist and pianist, Peter Gonciarz accompanied the choir.

The Mississauga-based Polish-Canadian pianist Dominik Wrona continued the program with an Etude by Karol Szymanowski and three pieces by Frederick Chopin, including the emotional Revolutionary Etude composed around the time of the failed November 1831 Uprising against Russia.

Wrona exhibited a controlled energy and powerful emotion in his performance. Soprano soloist Brittany Mruczek brought the first part of the concert to a close with the stunning Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd-Webber, an aria from Moniuszko’s most famous opera, Halka, and an art song by the featured composer. Her clear tones superb range were well suited to her selections.

Concert showcases Polish classics   and young performers

Ivan Docenko who accompanied Mruczek offered a waltz and polonaise by Moniuszko to begin the second half of the program. Though rarely performed in America, the pieces delighted the audience.

A soloist of Cantate Omnes, Chelsea Brodka, offered the lovely Zyczenie by Chopin and engaged the audience with her wonderful stage presence and graceful dance. Director Chomicka presented Chopin’s Nocturne in C# minor exhibiting her talent as a pianist.

Brittany Mruczek returned to complete the evening’s performance with an aria from Mozart’s Le Nozze Di Figaro. With a voice meant for Mozart, her presentation was delightful. She continued with an art song by Chopin, Moja Pieszczotka.

Make a Joyful Noise concluded with one of her signature pieces, Pan Kiedys Stanal (Lord, You Have Come) which brought the audience to their feet which continued as all the performers made their final curtain call.

The concert benefited the Leokadja Dombroska/Polish Singers Alliance of America Scholarship Fund which has awarded scholarships to WNY artists, Emily Helenbrook, Michael Hawk, and Haley Brunstad.

A biography of all the scholarship winners can be found at www.polishsingersalliance.org. The Polish Arts Club hosted a meet the performers reception in the church hall to round out the evening.