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Góra Pięśń Polska!

The Polish Singers Alliance of America held its 51st International Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 25-28, 2017 at the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel, hosted by District VII of the Alliance and coordinated by the Philadelphia Choir, Marcella Kochanska Sembrich Chorus #321.  The Convention consists of business meetings, elections, a choral competition, awards ceremony, mass and concert.  Outgoing General Choral Director Izabella Kobus-Salkin organized the competition and concert which featured thirteen choirs from the United States and Canada.  The five judges in attendance were from Poland and United States.  In the category of mixed choirs, Polonia Choir Society of Edmonton, Alberta placed first, Aria Chorus #303 of New Jersey second, and Hejnal Chorus #323 of Brooklyn placed third.  In the Female division, the host chorus, Marcella Kochanska Sembrich placed first, followed by Jutrzenka Singing Society of Brooklyn, NY and Club Filarets #331 of Michigan.  Two choirs were awarded in the Men’s category:  Chopin Singing Society #182 of New Jersey and Club Filarets #311 of Michigan.  The top scoring choir which is awarded the coveted Hlond Trophy, a gift of the interwar Polish Government, was the Polonia Choir Society of Edmonton, Alberta under the direction of Oksana Ostashevska.  Monetary Awards are provided to the choirs who place in the top three in their category.  In addition the Mazurek Family has provided funding in memory of long-time General Choral Director, Antoni Kazmierczak, for the director of the choir receiving the Hlond Trophy.  

At the business meeting, the following officers were elected:  General Choral Director David Zagorski of Philadelphia, Assistant Choral Director Maria Lesniak of Ontario, President Mary Lou Wyrobek, Vice President Gary Bienkowski, Treasurer Frances Cirbus and General Secretary Adrianne Kusmierczyk, all of Buffalo.  A scholarship was awarded from District IX to Krystian Sekowski, a graduate of the University of Alberta, concert pianist, choral conductor, organist and instructor who is taking private lessons preparing for auditions for future study.

The concert featured a 200+ voice choir, along with individual performances by the top scoring choirs.  In celebration of District VII’s 100th anniversary, conductor Janusz Sporek led Niescie Chwale Mocarze and Ojcze Nasz.  The Canadian choirs celebrated Canada’s 150th Anniversary.  Symfonia Chorus of Hamilton performed Toronto in Bloom and Polonia Choir Society of Edmonton performed Hallelujah by Canadian composer, Leonard Cohen.  The rousing closing, featuring all choirs together, along with soloists, Hymn Chorow Polonijnych, was  led by Izabella Kobus-Salkin.  The next International Convention is schedule for May of 2020 in Buffalo, NY.  The Polish Singers Alliance of America was founded in 1889 and is the oldest Polish American Cultural organization.

Judges' Scores for the top choirs at the May 2017 Competition:

Mixed Choruses:

Polonia Choir Society of Edmonton #332 -  94.02 (Hlond Trophy)

Aria Chorus #303 -  88.88

Hejnal Chorus - 88.28

Female Choruses:

Marcella Kochanska Sembrich Female Chorus #321 -  91.18

Jutrzenka Singing Society #226 - 91.08

Club Filarets #331 - 90.08

Male Choruses:

Chopin Singing Society #182 - 87.98

Club Filarets #311 - 86.9

Winner of the Antoni Kazmierczak Award funded by the Mazurek family, awarded to the director of the Choir attaining the highest overall score:  
Oksana Ostashevska, Director of the Polonia Choir Society of Edmonton #332


The Convention in Philadelphia

Lista czlonkow

Honorowe  czlonkowstwo  Zwiazku Spiewakow Polskich w Ameryce
(New Honorary Members 2017)

1. Polonia Paderewski #287 - Teresa Ziemak

2. Polonia Paderewski #287 - Wanda Ejdys,

3. Polonia Paderewski #287 - Teofil Sokolowski

4. Polonia Paderewski #311 - Bozena Madej

5.  Polonia Paderewski #311   Bozena Miciak

6. Polonia Paderewski #311   Wladyslawa Starzyk

7. Hejnal #323-   Andrzej Kolczynski

8. Hejnal  #323 - Zdzislaw Pogorzelski

9. Oginski #283 - Zbyszek Koralewski

10. Oginski #283  - Jacek Borkowski
11. Kalina - Frances Cirbus

12. Filarets - Nicolette Jakubowicz

13. Jutrzenka  #226- Janina Oledzka

14. Centrum Polsko Slowianskie - Bozena Kaminska

15. Chopin  #219 - Gary Bienkowski

16. Chopin #182 - Zbigniew Niejadlik

17. Chopin #182 - David Anderson

18. Marcela Kochanska Sembrich #321 – Janusz Sporek

19. Marcela Kochanska Sembrich #321 – Krystyna Cimoch

20. Aria #303 – Eugenia Sliwowska

21. Aria #303 – Wanda Bakalarczyk

22. Aria #303 – Michal Kurdyla

 Polonia Choir Society of Edmonton #332 - Winners of the Hlond Trophy 2017 PSAA Competition

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   Celebrating 125 years, the Polish Singers Alliance of America, the oldest Polish-American cultural organization, invites you to learn of our history through the purchase of: The Polish Singers Alliance of America 1888-1998: Choral Patriotism by Dr. Stanislaus A. Blejwas.  

    Author and historian, Dr. Blejwas, masterfully crafts a thorough history of the Polish Singers Alliance and its efforts to encourage a Polish consciousness among the immigrant population in America through music, amidst the ever-changing political landscape of the Polish Fatherland and the varied demographics of Polonia.  

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Polish Singers Alliance of America National Officers
May 2017 - May 2020

David Zagorski, General Director

 Maria Lesniak, Assistant General Director

Mary Lou Wyrobek, president

Gary Bienkowski, Vice President

Frances Cirbus, Treasurer

Adrianne Kusmierczyk, Secretary