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Congratulations to Filareci Dudziarz as they celebrated their 110th anniversary on October 7, 2017 and to District VII as they  celebrated their 100th anniversary as a District, on October 22, 2017.  I was privileged to attend both grand events, and offer my congratulations for the concerts performed and the banquets presented. Danuta Gruszka is president of the Choir and coordinated the banquet with the assistance of her committee.   

While in Chicago, Joseph and Christine Wesolowski were my hosts, and they organized a presentation to a number of choirs in the Chicago area, including the Holy Trinity Choir under the direction of Dr. Arkadiusz Gorecki with President Marcin Wyrzykowski also attending, the Chopin Choir, who assisted Filareci Dudziarz in their concert presentation and was represented by Choir President, Jozef Grzadziel and is directed by Eugene Ballarin, and the St. Hyacinth Choir under the direction of Piotr Mrugala.  The meeting and reception was held at the Alliance of Polish Clubs in Chicago.  Lucyna Migala of the Lira Ensemble was on hand to speak about their role as a professional song and dance ensemble and the roads they take to obtain grants.  They will be performing in the Detroit and Buffalo areas on December 8th and 9th, respectively.  Representatives of Filareci Dudziarz were also on hand to greet the potential future members of Polish Singers Alliance.  We highlighted our Conventions and Scholarship Fund, as well as the easy access to our music library via our website.  Interestingly, the sanctuary of Holy Trinity Church contains a depiction of Bl. Cardinal Hlond, the donor of our Hlond Trophy.  Dr. Gorecki is a relative of the late composer Henryk Gorecki who is an honorary member and attended our 1995 Convention.  

While no one is yet committed to joining the PSAA, we remain hopeful.  Sadly, the Paderewski Choir officially disbanded, leaving the district with only two functioning choirs.  

I know the seasons of Advent and Christmas will be filled with many choral activities, Wigilia, and Koledy celebrations.  Just a reminder for all the choirs to prepare a brief narrative of their events this year.  No need to include the Convention as that will be covered separately.

Thank you for all you do and may you have a blessed Advent, joyous Christmas, and happy new year.

Gora Piesn,

Mary Lou T. Wyrobek