Polish Singers Alliance

Of America

Dedicated to the perpetuation

and dissemination

of Polish culture

through song.

Góra Pięśń Polska!

& Presidents


Joseph Wesolowski

783 11th St.

Addison, IL. 60101

    Tel. (630) 543-1790


Raymond Jakubowicz

3435 Willow St.

Dearborn, Michigan 48124-4243

Tel. (313) 458-9879


Yaga Chudy  

344 New York Ave.
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Tel. (201) 933-3256
Email: Ychudy1@yahoo.com


Adrianne Kusmierczyk

548 Pleasant View Drive

   Lancaster, NY 14086

Tel. (716) 681-0199


I offer thanks to all the members who so diligently attend rehearsals in order to present their best in all the events they provide music for.  You bring joy to many people in promoting Polish song and culture.  I hope we can continue to reach out to all ethnic groups and develop connections with the larger community.  The Lira Singers have been most successful in doing this.  It is also of vital importance to make whatever efforts we can to engage young people.  Being a teacher, I recognize that many lack the roots and traditions that have meant so much to me and to my well-being.  I was pleased to see the participation of a youth choir in the District VII combined Christmas Concert and the Hamilton, Ontario presentation of a Festival of Carols with District IX.  Thanks to all who participated in our annual fundraiser, and thanks to Mary Jean Syrek for coordinating the lottery.  A list of winners is on our website and included in the Honorary Member mailing and choir mailing of this bulletin.  I am eager to greet you in Philadelphia for our 51st International Convention and especially our newest member choir, the Polonia Choir Society of Edmonton, located in Alberta, Canada, who will be coming to their first International Convention.   I offer my gratitude for the diligent work of Debbie Majka and her committee.  Thanks, too, to Izabella Kobus-Salkin for coordinating the competition, mass and concert music.  We all know that it is a lot of work for all involved.   In their reports many have remembered choir members who have hopefully gone on to the heavenly choir which I am sure is never off pitch.  Keep them in your prayers.  Please also keep our former General Director and District IX General Director, Dr. Thomas Witakowski in your prayers.  In early December he suffered a serious health issue from which he is slowly recovering.  Frances Gates credits the many prayers offered on her behalf for her continuing presence among us.  Though not able to attend as many things as she once did, she continues to positively influence the well-being of Polonia.  Gora Piesn.   

Mary Lou T. Wyrobek